Thursday, March 12, 2009

Somebody walked out!

So I really let it bother me on Tuesday when a client walked out of a FREE workshop that I was co-teaching. She simply got her stuff and left. Of course, that's her prerogative, but still I don't think I'd ever do that unless I was feeling ill or injured. It was a free Pilates circuit training class geared towards Butt & Thighs. And by free I mean that we were teaching it FREE of pay so they didn't have to pay extra for this special equipment class. When I walked over to make sure she was feeling ok, she simply said "yeah, this isn't my gig" and turned her back on me walking away. NICE! Do you think students realize that we do this for the love and not the money? That we might take hours on a spinning profile or Pilates workshop? That sometimes we don't get paid? That our bodies are tired and sore? That even if we feel like total garbage, we still smile, motivate and coach? *sigh* OK rant over. I just know that I wouldn't do that to an instructor. Furthermore, what makes this really upsetting, she's a supposedly certified Pilates instructor who happens to not teach it because she thinks that students just can't "get" Pilates. I guess that says it all.

On a good note, I taught the Classical Spin class again that I "borrowed" from a Pedal-On member (Dave). The class loved it, so much so that applause rang out at the end and each one stopped by to thank me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. This after a shaky start...our spin room stereo speakers were broken when I arrived, so we quickly dragged 12 bikes out on to the "turf" section of the facility where there is no control over the GLARING bright lights and weird sound system. I had a mic that kept falling off my tiny head (yes...those things just don't fit me no matter how much I adjust). We had a personal training and client throwing a medicine ball against a trampoline *thump* *thump* *thump* HOW RUDE. was an adventure...but the music allowed them to focus, they forgot about the lights, noise, distractions, change of scenery and simply rode the heck out of this profile. I was proud of them. They range in age from 18 - 55+ and let me tell you, they worked hard and left with smiles on their faces. THAT makes it all worthwhile. So yeah, some of them do "get" it, they understand and appreciate. And that, my friends, is why I throw my gym bag in the car each and every day heading to a different gym.


  1. In a sea of fitness instructors that are there to make a buck, hear themselves talk or just want to boast about the title, it's so refreshing to know that there are folks like you who take the time and really care about each and every's something for which you should be very proud...and it looks like there are people beginning to recognize your dedication :)

    You can't win them all, and let's just hope that the rude "pilates" instructor found her cup of tea at the bottom of some harbor far far away. Although I can't make it to your classes, I thank you for being there and being a role model for others to look up to. Keep up the great work Amy.

  2. Ah, I know I always wonder what is going on when some people leave... I mean sometimes I just have one or two duck at near the end. But I'm sure you hold the respect of a LOT of people and they probably come to you to tell you what's up. (A couple weeks ago I had a guy in my class inform me he had to leave early so that he would be able to have enough time to eat dinner and get a shower before going to the bar *head smack* Ah, college)

    I can't believe she said that to you, and furthermore that she is an instructor who doesn't teach because whomever doesn't "get" it.

    Bah. I agree with Scott- hopefully that girl finds her cup of tea far, far away :p

    :) I, for one, would've LOVED to have come to your free pilates workshop!!!