Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yes, it's true, I have decided to resurrect this weak hobbling blog from the depths of the internet. I started it to document my own journey into running and fitness, however, somewhere along the way I lost both the blog and my passion for running. I have decided to run another Half Marathon in October, the Wine & Dine Half at Disney which I'm SUPER excited about. I have not yet started training, because I've been trying out the crazy-ass Insanity workout program (I will detail it in a later blog). I continue to teach Pilates both privately as well as mat class, in addition to Spin and my new class Willpower&Grace. Training for my Half Marathon begins in the sweltering heat of July, which builds character (I hope). For some reason I'm feeling really good about it though, I needed that year (plus) off of serious running to find my inner Kenyan ;). I'm going to start training in the best physical condition of my life, or that's the plan anyway. I think the Insanity Program has given me a great solid base of strength and cardio, in addition to the classes I teach. I'm also finishing up my final segment of a full 600 hour Pilates certification, with Advanced Systems (aka apparatus and mat). In doing so I've gone back to my own serious Pilates training, and it always makes my body feel so much stronger and more capable of taking the pounding that I put through on a daily basis. The only thing I haven't done is get out on the old road bike...although I have definite plans to do so soon!

I am sure I have lost all three of my blog readers...but if anyone stumbles upon this. Welcome and thanks!

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